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General FAQs

  • What are your parking options?

    Daily, monthly, and special event parking are offered at many of our locations.

  • Do you offer reserved parking?

    Reserved parking is offered for select locations. Available options vary by location, but can include reservations for hourly, all-day, or special event parking.

  • I have an issue or question about reserved parking. Who should I contact?

    You can contact our Online Sales Team at (866) 330-7275.

  • How do I use my reserved parking pass at the location?

    Depending on the location, you can either scan your reserved parking pass upon exit or hand it to the attendant.

Desktop FAQs

  • Where is my pre-purchase parking pass?

    Your parking pass will be emailed to you.

  • How do I print a coupon from my desktop computer?

    Click “Get Coupon” on the location details page, and then click the “Print” button on the coupon page. Customers must print and bring the coupon with them to the location to receive discount.

Mobile App FAQs

  • How do I download or review the mobile app?

    You can download or review our mobile app from the Mac App Store or Google Play.

  • Where is my pre-purchase parking pass?

    You can find all of your pre-purchase parking passes stored under “My Reservations” in the side menu.

  • Where are my parking coupons?

    You can find all of your coupons stored under “My Coupons” in the side menu.

  • When do redeemed coupons expire?

    Redeemed coupons only last 30 minutes.