SP+ has partnered with WageWorks & TransitChek to help customers reduce the cost of work related parking.

This offer is available to all WageWorks and TransitChek commuter clients who are NEW to SP+.

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  1. Select your parking facility from the list on the right.
  2. Call our Customer Service Rep at: 800-836-6666 Ext 4. (9am - 6pm Monday - Friday) and provide the location address...also mention code WWTC.
  3. We'll set up your new monthly parking account via telephone and provide you with the account number you'll need to complete your pre-tax parking enrollment.

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Broadway Theater District Lowest Available Monthly Rate
Biltmore Garage267 W. 47th Street $400.00
38 W. 46th Street38 W. 46th Street $500.00
150 W. 38th St.150 W. 38th St. $450.00
CBS31 W. 52nd Street $500.00
140 W. 51st Street140 W. 51st Street $500.00
Hilton Hotel101 W. 53rd Street $450.00
Simon888 8th Avenue $300.00
Carnegie Hall Garage101 W. 56th Street $400.00
Parker Meridien109 W. 56th Street $400.00
Met Tower146 West 56th Street $500.00
BMW Building555 W. 57th Street $550.00
Plaza58 W. 58th Street $600.00
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Brooklyn Lowest Available Monthly Rate
200 Cadman Plaza200 Cadman Plaza $300.00
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Bronx Lowest Available Monthly Rate
2040 E Tremont Ave2040 E Tremont Ave $180.00
1500 Unionport Road1500 Unionport Road $180.00
1900 Archer Ave1900 Archer Ave $180.00
2020 Boston Post Rd2020 Boston Post Rd $120.00
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Chelsea Lowest Available Monthly Rate
120 W. 21st Street120 W. 21st Street $500.00
Aston Garage800 6th Ave $450.00
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Columbus Circle Lowest Available Monthly Rate
10 Columbus Circle10 Columbus Circle $450.00
345 W. 58th Street345 W. 58th Street $450.00
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Financial District Lowest Available Monthly Rate
270 Greenwich St.270 Greenwich St. $700.00
75 Park Place75 Park Place $616.00
Seaport Plaza199 Water Street $450.00
200 Chambers St.200 Chambers St. $700.00
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Garment District Lowest Available Monthly Rate
1250 Broadway1250 Broadway $400.00
1251 Broadway1251 Broadway $300.00
9 W. 31st St.9 W. 31st St. $450.00
300 W. 31st St.300 W. 31st St. $300.00
885 Ave of the Americas885 Ave of the Americas $350.00
140 w 28 St140 w 28 St $350.00
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Gramercy Park Lowest Available Monthly Rate
350 E. 30th Street350 E. 30th Street $475.00
222 Lexington Ave222 Lexington Ave $400.00
220 E 26 St220 E 26 St $500.00
225 E 26 St225 E 26 St $500.00
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Greenwich Village Lowest Available Monthly Rate
18-20 Morton Street18-20 Morton Street $550.00
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Hoboken Lowest Available Monthly Rate
Hudson Park77 Park Avenue $265.00
1 Washington Street1 Washington Street $350.00
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Jersey City Lowest Available Monthly Rate
Journal Square2490 Kennedy Blvd. $170.00
Liberty Towers33 Hudson St. $300.00
77 Park Ave33 Hudson St. $265.00
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Midtown Lowest Available Monthly Rate
Seagrams375 Park Avenue $700.00
New York Palace27-38 E. 50th Street $600.00
Vanger154 E. 53rd Street $500.00
Westside441 9th Avenue $350.00
29 W. 28th Street29 W. 28th Street $475.00
Affinia Manhattan Hotel Garage148 W. 31st St. $325.00
23 W 55th St23-25 W. 55th Street $425.00
Rockefeller Center25-43 W 48 St $501.00
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Murray Hill Lowest Available Monthly Rate
7 W. 28th St.7 W. 28th St. $475.00
222 Lexington Ave222 Lexington Avenue $400.00
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Newark Lowest Available Monthly Rate
131 Market Street131 Market Street $235.00
10 Hill Street10 Hill Street $100.00
33 Washington St33 Washington St $205.00
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Queens Lowest Available Monthly Rate
65-75 Saunders St Rego Park65-75 Saunders St Rego Park $260.00
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Soho Lowest Available Monthly Rate
293 Hudson St.293 Hudson St. $500.00
Kinney Garage14 Charlton St $500.00
43 Dominick St.43 Dominick St. $500.00
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Tribeca Lowest Available Monthly Rate
56 N Moore St56 North Moore St. $740.00
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Union Square Lowest Available Monthly Rate
21 E 15 St21 E 15 St $400.00
20 W 13 St20 W 13 St $450.00
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Upper East Side Lowest Available Monthly Rate
301 E. 66th Street301 E. 66th Street $450.00
220 E. 58th Street220 E. 58th Street $425.00
109 E. 58th Street109 E. 58th Street $500.00
110 East 58th Street110 East 58th Street $600.00
330 E. 61st Street330 E. 61st Street $450.00
222 E 65th St.222 E. 65th Street $450.00
204 E 80th St204-206 E. 80th Street. $600.00
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Upper West Side Lowest Available Monthly Rate
214 W. 88th St.214 W. 88th St. $600.00
711 West End Ave.711 West End Ave. $600.00
147 W 83 St147 W 83 St $601.00
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Yorkville Lowest Available Monthly Rate
340 E 80340 E 80 $525.00
45 East End Avenue45 East End Avenue $500.00
115 E 87 St115 E 87 St $575.00
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